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Advanced Problem Solving: Preparation for the AMC 12 Exam. Bundle includes all four MC II-B courses at a discounted price!

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In Math Challenge II-B, students learn and practice in areas such as algebra and geometry at the high school level, as well as advanced number theory and combinatorics. Topics include polynomials, inequalities, special algebraic techniques, trigonometry, triangles and polygons, collinearity and concurrency, vectors and coordinates, numbers and divisibility, modular arithmetic, residue classes, advanced counting strategies, binomial coefficients, pigeonhole principle, sequence and series, and various other topics and problem solving techniques involved in math contests such as the American Mathematics Competition (AMC) 10, 12 and ARML, and also the beginning AIME.

Note: These courses are also available as live classes. Please click here to see a full schedule of Areteem's live classes.

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Areteem Institute
Areteem Institute

Areteem Institute is an educational institution that develops and provides in-depth and advanced math and science programs for High School, Middle School and Elementary School students and teachers. Areteem programs are accredited supplementary programs by WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges). The curricula meet and exceed the Common Core State Standards and we are listed under the Enrichment Programs section of the Naviance online college readiness system for students, teachers and school districts across the US. The following programs are available:

  • Live and Real-time Face-to-Face Online Classes in Math, Science, Technology, etc.;
  • Self-Paced Classes by watching the recordings of the live classes;
  • Summer Residential Intensive Camps and Winter Boot Camps;
  • ZIML programs for Daily Practice and Monthly Online Contests;
  • Curriculum Books for further practice in problem solving

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Courses Included with Purchase

Areteem Math Challenge II-B: Number Theory
Advanced Problem Solving in Number Theory: Preparation for the AMC 12 Exam
Areteem Institute
Areteem Math Challenge II-B: Algebra
Advanced Problem Solving in Algebra: Preparation for the AMC 12 Exam
Areteem Institute
Areteem Math Challenge II-B: Geometry
Advanced Problem Solving in Geometry: Preparation for the AMC 12 Exam
Areteem Institute
Areteem Math Challenge II-B: Combinatorics
Advanced Problem Solving in Combinatorics: Preparation for the AMC 12 Exam
Areteem Institute

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